Bruce Lou

It's time for new voices in Washington.

"We need to restore confidence in our country's morals, institutions, and government."

Bruce Lou is tired of seeing confidence in America eroded by institutional bias, unchecked government overreach, and cultural decay.

Bruce Lou Takes on Nancy Pelosi

Bruce Lou Takes on Nancy Pelosi

Bruce Lou is challenging Nancy Pelosi's 37-year-long chokehold on power in SF as a next generation fighter for change

Bruce's Values

Bruce's positions are based on three fundamental values: freedom, fairness, and family.

Freedom: All Americans are guaranteed freedoms under the constitution, including the freedom of speech, the freedom to bear arms, and the freedom of privacy. Bruce will fight against the ever-increasing encroachment on these liberties.

Fairness: All Americans deserve to be treated equally under the law. Bruce strongly opposes discrimination under the guise of affirmative action policies and believes that fairness entails equality of opportunity, and not equality in outcome.

Family: The family unit is the fundamental unit of society. Bruce works to keep decision-making power out of the hands of the government and preserving family values.